Cost Benefits

Equipment use is simulated so single or restricted use items such as ammunition, Taser cartridges and batteries are not wasted, saving costs for training sessions. Firearms, Taser and PAVA can all be simulated within the system. More training for less cost is the ultimate aim. Additional cost savings are driven through using virtual characters (both pre-scripted and fully instructor controllable) for detailed multi-actor scenarios, saving costs of expensive safety staff and role-players. Denied environments are available within the system, reducing the need for expensive construction of locations or hire of venues. Depending on the size of the force, saving just 3-6 Taser training cartridges per officer, per year makes the system cost neutral or better on that area of Police training alone.

Unique point of view analysis

The scenario can be viewed by the instructor from the trainee’s perspective so that the trainer and the rest of the training group can see exactly what the officer saw at the time the action was taken. The whole training session can be recorded for review or evidencing later from any perspective within the scenario. The highly immersive platform allows sight, sound and other stimulus to be simulated and officer body positioning can be integrated into the analysis.


This free-roam system uses a configurable training space (10m x 10m is the standard but much larger or smaller can be used) so can be set up in any reasonably-sized open space. The kit can be taken or sent to location, keeping users operational. If they are needed, they simply take off the kit and get going. Networking allows trainers to stay in central locations and train remotely.

Full control over training scenarios

An instructor console allows configuration and adaptation of the scenario according to how the participants are performing. This includes defining the environment, characters and weapons during training setup and changing character behaviour, aggression, actions and even lighting conditions while the scenario is running live. The same scenario can have different outcomes for users that have trained with it previously or a fully repeatable situation can be configured for formative and summative assessment purposes. The National Decision Model is built into scenarios to assess against and instructors can pause, re-start or intervene in the scenario, giving guidance or reflection.

Effective hardware

The AVRT platform is built on reliable consumer technology to avoid the need for costly custom-built VR hardware. Added to this are custom weapons and active real-world props based on firearms and equipment that are in use around the world. Virtually any weapon can be built into the platform. These include Carbine and Pistol weapons as well as Conductive Electrical Weapons (such as Taser) and PAVA/CS incapacitant sprays.

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