AVRT Driver

AVRT Driver: Advanced VR Simulation of high risk Driving Scenarios for the most effective professional drivers.

Removing approximation from driver training scenarios.

The AVRT Driver VR simulation system has been developed to train advanced drivers in a realistic VR environment, to allow them to develop and asses their hard driving skills as well as their ability to make those split-second crucial decisions, under increased cognitive loads.  

The AVRT principles translate to driving simulation using highly adaptive scenarios, realistic motion and cutting edge VR technology to present training content that delivers learning outcomes from existing curricula and frameworks, from organisations such as the UK College of Policing.

AVRT work with Delta Kinetic, a manufacturer of some of the most advanced driving simulation rigs on the market today to add realism to VR training.

Multiple VR driving simulation base scenarios come as standard including high speed point-to-point driving, pursuit training (city and motorway/freeway) and tactical manoeuvres such as T-PAC through a networked solution. Highly configurable and adaptive scenarios can be delivered in instructor-led sessions to fully challenge users on their skills.

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