AVRT Law Enforcement

AVRT Law Enforcement

Key benefits that can be gained by adopting the AVRT platform:

Natural Actions and Movements:

Fully Free-Roam and Wireless Technology

The AVRT platform is built on reliable, self-contained consumer technology to avoid the need for costly custom-built VR hardware. Wireless hardware allows for natural movements and actions on a completely free-roam tracking area. Officers can train in standard tactical kit, greatly reducing the potential for training scars.

This approach results in virtually zero adaption time for trainees, leaving them to focus on the learning outcomes.

Train Anywhere, Anytime:

Fully Configurable and Scalable Training Environment

The AVRT free-roam tracking system uses a fully configurable training area and can be set up in any reasonably-sized open space. The tracking area can be scaled to any size to suit the training requirement with no impact on tracking effectiveness. The AVRT system is fully portable, giving greater flexibility to training programmes. Any venue can be a training venue so Officers can train in operational locations and be ready to go when duty requires it.

Train with Familiar Equipment:

Simulated real-feel weapons and hardware

Added to the VR hardware is industry-leading technology in the form of custom weapons and active real-world props based on firearms, less-lethal weapons and equipment that are in use around the world. Virtually any weapon can be built into the platform. These include Carbine and Pistol weapons as well as less-lethal devices such as Conducted Energy Weapons and Pava/CS. Weapon use is intuitive, gives haptic feedback to the user and can be holstered into existing tactical equipment to give a more natural training experience.

Exceptional After-Action Reviews:

Detailed Full 3D and First-Person replays

Scenarios can be viewed from the Officer’s perspective so that the trainer and the rest of the training group can see exactly what was seen at the time the action was taken. The whole training session can be recorded for review later if the organisation requires this. Replays can be reviewed from any perspective within the scenario using a free-roaming camera. Advanced metrics display shot placement, distances, reaction times and Officer biometric data throughout the training scenario and replay.

AVRT Law Enforcement

Challenge Officers Every Step of the Way:

Completely Adaptive and Controllable Dynamic Scenarios

The AVRT instructor console allows configuration and adaptation of fully interactive scenarios according to how Officers are performing. This includes defining the environment, characters, clothing and weapons during training setup and changing character behaviour, aggression, actions and even lighting conditions while the scenario is running live. The same scenario can have different outcomes for users that have trained with it previously or a fully repeatable situation can be configured for formative and summative assessment purposes. The AVRT system is significantly different from passive 3D video VR training.

Networking allows Officers to train together in the same virtual and physical space.

The system uses existing trainer skillsets to deploy established curricula and frameworks and can deliver current learning outcomes out-of-the-box with no costly changes to content or scenarios required.

More Training for Lower Costs:

A Blended VR approach can Increase Repetitions Whilst Saving Costs

Equipment use is simulated so single or restricted use items such as ammunition, Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW) cartridges and batteries are not wasted, saving costs for training sessions. Firearms, CEW and PAVA/CS can all be simulated within the system. More training for lower costs is the ultimate aim.

Additional cost savings are driven through using virtual characters (both pre-scripted and fully instructor controllable) for detailed multi-actor scenarios, saving costs of expensive safety staff and role-players.

Denied environments are available within the system, reducing the need for expensive construction of locations or hire of venues.

Depending on the size of the force, saving just 2-3 CEW training cartridges per officer, per year makes the system cost neutral or better on that area of Police training alone.

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