Showcasing the multi-functionality of the AVRT police simulation programme.

Greenwich, 28 April 2023 – We were delighted to participate in The Institute for Lifecourse Development event held in Greenwich. Our primary objective was to showcase our cutting-edge police simulation programme. While this presentation gathered significant interest, our main focus was to highlight the remarkable potential of free-roam, immersive, and interactive simulations across diverse fields, including clinical, social, psychological, and educational applications. During the event, discussions revolved around critical themes such as trust and legitimacy in policing, supporting vulnerable individuals, and enhancing clinical and social interactions.

An instance where the value of our AVRT platform from both clinical and psychological standpoints is its role in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). By creating secure and controlled environments, we empower current and ex-military personnel to confront trauma-related situations in a controlled manner. This innovative approach enables real-time programming of scenarios while providing unwavering support throughout the entire process. This invaluable technique not only allows us to perceive the world through the patient’s eyes but also ensures they receive the essential support they require. 

“There are a number of studies that have shown that VRET is linked to reduced symptom severity in both PTSD and depression, and that as the number of VRET sessions increases, the effectiveness of symptom reduction also increases.” – Brainline

For further insights into our collaboration with the University or to explore the integration of immersive scenarios within your organisation, please feel free to contact us at We’re eager to share more about our work and discuss the potential benefits for your specific context.

The Institute for Lifecourse Development

The Institute for Lifecourse Development is a key anchor resource where professionals from many different fields work closely together with researchers and stakeholders from public, charitable and voluntary organisations. Together we are developing effective and economically sustainable lifecourse solutions and tackle some of the most significant challenges society faces.

Working with our extensive network of external healthcare and education partners, as well as business and public sector organisations, we focus on using interdisciplinary expertise to promote the lifelong wellbeing of vulnerable and marginalised people in the community.

About AVRT:

AVRT is a pioneering technology company specialising in advanced virtual reality solutions for personnel training. With a focus on realism, versatility, and enhanced learning, AVRT’s software is designed to prepare individuals across various industries for a wide array of challenging scenarios. Through the power of virtual reality, AVRT is reshaping the landscape of training, fostering better preparedness and decision-making.

AVRT Virtual Reality Software demonstrating the capabilities of the software
AVRT attending ILD Greenwich showcasing police simulation programme

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