Simulation is an excellent way to train Soldiers on new weapon platforms and equipment without the costs, resources, and risks associated with traditional military training.

British Army L403A1 Rifle - Military Training

7 September 2023 – The British Army recently announced that it would be delivering 10,000 new L403A1 rifles over the next decade as part of Project Hunter. The use of these advanced rifles into active service demands an extensive training effort to ensure that soldiers are completely in sync with the unique characteristics and operation of this firearm.

According to, the average cost of training a British Soldier in 2020 cost approximately £38,000. The third most substantial expenditure, totalling £8,000 per soldier, was allocated to infrastructure. This substantial sum covered various expenses such as accommodation, training facilities and ammunition. With the AVRT programme, the need for multiple military training facilities and ammunition expenses would become a thing of the past, potentially leading to significant cost savings.

Currently military training is a very resource-intensive and costly practice, requiring a mass amount of resources when adapting to new weapon platforms and sighting systems. However, our training platform is the solution to these issues.

We have already begun integrating weapons such as the M4/AR into the platform, with the ability to build any sighting system into our arsenal, catering to the needs of the user. This kind of flexibility within our programme ensures that the user is receiving the most up-to-date training experience, whilst keeping military costs to a minimum.

The AVRT VR Training platform can redefine military training, ensuring that soldiers are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for modern warfare while reducing expenses and resource strain. With its remarkable adaptability and customisation capabilities.

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