The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) recently launched its new Police Encounter Panels (PEPs) to provide feedback on the use of force by officers and build closer relationships with the community; MPS Inspector Zed Asghar spoke to Policing Insight’s Keith Potter about the aim of the PEPs, and how virtual reality technology was offering Panel members greater insight into the difficult decisions officers face.

Now one borough in the force has turned to technology to provide an even greater insight into how officers assess situations and take decisions, by creating VR scenarios based on real encounters, enabling PEP members to go through the same decision-making process.

“Our volunteers absolutely loved it,” he told Policing Insight. The real-life encounter was among those being reviewed by the panel, and involved a vehicle pursuit, followed by a suspect running from the scene who climbed up on to a flat roof and threatened to self-harm with a knife, at which point officers drew their Tasers.


Find the full article here- Virtual reality scenarios provide Police Encounter Panels with new insight into officer decision-making – Policing Insight

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